Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – The Importance of Fitness and Faith


Fitness is important to all of us, and we can see, fitness can help us overcome illness and become mentally sharper in the process. We can also use these times to reflect and become in tune with the more spiritual side of ourselves.

We do though sometimes find it hard to do the required amount of exercise that is required, and as we all know, fitness should be fun. No matter what age we are, it is never too late to begin a fitness regime.

Healthy Body and Mind in Faith

Healthy Body

Fitness is not just about exercise, and more often than not it requires an overhaul of your lifestyle. A healthy body and a healthy mind can be achieved by a proper diet along with the exercise that can transform the physical attributes of your body.

Mostly we find the route to this comes from deep inside of us, and at some point, we have to dig deep to maintain our goals in this respect. It is for this reason, whatever we do on the fitness side, we should do it with friends or comrades, this can help us to overcome those times when we lack that little bit of motivation to push forward.

Spiritual Fitness

Everyone at some point faces struggles in life, from children facing the Spiritual Fitnessdaily stresses of school and exams, to working adults who have to overcome either economic or relational problem. Even with Church of England Prayers, these times can seem overwhelming to many of us.

There are three elements which we turn to in times like these that can help us through.


Faith comes from the place deep in our heart where we hope all of our prayers will be answered. No matter if you have chosen athletics as a means to your physical fitness, or some other sport. We can all look towards our faith and find the still waters which will help to calm our daily troubles.


No matter what struggles we have, there is still hope. It may seem difficult, but we can look at our efforts and let them make us bitter, or we can face them head on and use them to make us stronger.
You may have chosen the gym as your ideal road to having a healthy body, you may be weight training and just want to finish those last couple of bench presses. At this point you dig deep and don’t give up, you have hope.


This can help to bind the other two together; Love drives Faith and Hope. The love of what you are doing to have a healthy body, or it can be that helping hand you offer to someone who is struggling with their lives, or even just on their road to reaching their goal of having a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Love is an action as much as it is an emotion, and when we extend our love, it can spiritually lift us from the problems we face and help to make us stronger.

When we have a healthy mind and a healthy body, we will achieve spiritual insight and emotional maturity and above all, the physical stamina to be able to face our daily troubles.

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